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On-Site Photo - Photogrammetry for everyone


On-Site Photo is a very precise procedure to determine dimensions of digital photos establishing the dimensional reference using one or two known lengths and correcting perspectives and image defects caused by the lens.

On-Site Photo is a universal tool for planners, surveyors, builders, energy consultants, site managers and craftsmen. It allows everyone to use the advantages of photogrammetric procedures. 

Special Features:
  • Convenient & precise program with a high performance range
  • Corrects lens & imaging errors and perspectives
  • Ideal for creating view drawings
  • Includes automatic surface finder
  • Creates 3D ground plans from scanned or photographic documents
  • Calculates the surface area of buildings for the issue of energy certificates. Exports results to the Energy Consultant Professional (Hottgenroth Software) or saves them as text or excel file.
  • Plans and visualises solar modules on roofs with the help of an extensive library of solar collectors
  • Adds new colours and structures to photographs using the complete BRILLUX colour catalogue


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pdf_smOn-Site Photo Datasheet, PDF
download_buttonOn-Site Photo - trial version

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